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21 August 2004

The new school year arrives

A new year of education has begun. Rebecca started her Sophomore year of high school last Monday. She will once again be participating as a member of the Naaman Forest Starlette Dance Team and, as mentioned in an earlier posting, has won a spot as a squad leader. The first Starlette performance of the season will take place at the first JV game a week from yesterday — Friday, 27 August. She is also continuing her participation in choir and several recital events are planned for the 2004-2005 school year. Additional schedule information for both of these activities will follow in the coming week or so.

Saint Paul began a new year of school Wednesday. Collin entered the fifth grade level and this marks his second year at SPS. While not participating on an "official" school team this fall, he will likely be joining either a baseball or soccer team organized through the local YMCA. We will post more definite information as it becomes available.

09 August 2004

Two winners, one prize

It seems that two members of our party were winners at the GU Greyt Tea. Though we had to leave early and were not present to accept one of the prizes, Herman is reported to have won a t-shirt. The real winner, however, was Rebecca who won the grand prize — a $500 gift card to Best Buy

Excitement does not begin to expalin her emotional high. The prior night, when she had been informed of her selection as winner, Rebecca misunderstood and thought that she had simply won a $25 prize. Her astonishment was palatable as she discovered the amount was actually twenty times greater!

In true Rebecca fashion, she has offered a portion of her winnings to every member of the family. Initially, she offered all $500 to Herman for the purchase of a CZ-8080 on which he has his eye for several months. That was too much to expect and the offer was declined. However, Collin can soon expect a new NGC game and Rebecca will be adding to her compact disk collection.

08 August 2004

A Greyt Tea

The organization through which Oberon and Catalina were adopted held a special event earlier this afternoon. This was the first opportunity for the two newest members of our family to appear for the first time as siblings.

Greyhounds Unlimited played host to "A Greyt Tea" to which all former adoptees and their families were invited. This was not only a fund raising opportunity for the group, but was a chance for a large number of the athletes placed by GU over the years to reunite and meet others associated with the program. We took advantage of the gathering to meet some of the other greyhound families and Herman picked up a few grooming pointers as well. Elizabeth and Rebecca made good use of the opportunity by procuring a new martingale for Catalina; one which better matched her personality. Collin chose not to attend.

We had to depart a bit early due to another obligation, but were informed just a short while ago that Rebecca was selected as a winner of one of the raffles. The exact prize is not currently known, but will be revealed tomorrow evening when Elizabeth and Herman go to retrieve it.

Congratulations, Rebecca!

07 August 2004

Transfer complete

As of late yesterday afternoon, we are now the official, registered "owners" of Oberon (formerly known as "Gary Lawson"). The required documentation and signaures were submited to the NGA late last week. Yesterday's post brought the official certificate of transfer along with a transcription (on the back) of Oberon's complete bertillion.

Completion of this process comes on the heels of initiation of a companion procedure for Catalina. Total time involved was a little under three months, but was intentionally drawn out by several weeks due to vacation and other obligations. His entry at Greyhound-Data has been updated to reflect this official change of status.

We welcome Oberon as a full-fledged member of the family! :-)

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