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27 February 2005

Blue & Gold 2005

Continuing on a theme...

We attended the annual Blue & Gold Banquet yesterday evening. Held in the cafeteria of Saint Paul School, the awards ceremony is the spring highlight of scouting. Collin was recognized for his participation in two events: the Flag ceremony preceding the UTD Comet game on 27 January and the Men's Club Fish Fry on 11 February. His Webelos Den organized no formal skit, but Collin was invited by another group to take part in their presentation.

The entire Pack has had a busy year and received high praise for their good behavior and community service. All involved are to be congratulated; the boys, their Den leaders and the Pack master.

20 February 2005

Troop shopping

Collin has approached the age where he will need to decide whether scouting is something with which he would like to continue. He has been participating in boy scouts since the first grade at Saint Monica (Pack 712). When he moved to Saint Paul two years ago, he continued his involvement by transferring his membership to the chartered pack at SPS, Pack 728. The end of this school year will bring to a close his second year as a Webelo and carry with it the need to join a troop, should that be his desire.

With that necessity in mind, Collin and Herman spent most of the last twenty-four hours with Troop 728 (also chartered through SPS) on their monthly campout. Cedar Hill State Park was the location chosen for the outing. The training agenda for this particular campout consisted of meeting some of the requirements for the cycling merit badge as well as the older scouts teaching the visiting Webelos (the entire Webelos II den of four scouts was in attendance) the necessary skills to receive their Totin Chip card. Fishing was another planned activity as this particular troop seems geared toward that activity as a staple.

We arrived around noon; just in time for lunch. After the midday meal, the Webelos all pitched their tents and were assigned to each in pairs. Following lunch was a short bike ride to a jetty for fishing. About an hour or so later, those wishing to fish relocated to the pier on the other side of the lake, while most of the rest went on a bike ride of about ten kilometers. Collin opted for the former and Herman the latter.

Everyone rendezvoused back at the campsite around 1700 to prepare dinner and such. It was at this pont that the Webelos received their Totin Chip training. A designated group of the troop scouts began the task of cooking. All of the visiting parents and the designated troop leader participated in a Review Committee for one of the troop scouts who had completed the requirements to move to the next level.

Following dinner, an assemblage of the scouts departed for an evening fishing trip to the pier. The group departed about 2000 and returned shortly after 2200; the time at which the pier closed. Collin opted to go fishing, while Herman stayed at the camp. It was lights-out shortly after the return of the fishing party.

Daybreak brought preparations for striking the camp. Everyone was assigned a task and packing was complete by shortly before 0800. Breakfast followed immediately after which everyone began to go their own way. Collin seemed to have a good time, but indicated that he is still undecided about continuing. We have tentatively scheduled attending a campout of Troop 412 (Saint Monica charter) in the coming month or so. This event and a decision on Collin's art are required before 10 April — the date of the crossover ceremony from cub scout to full boy scout.

12 February 2005

Xanga 'bLog

Rebecca would like to introduce the world to her first incursion into cyber publishing. Earlier this week, she created a portal at through which she hopes to share her thoughts and experiences with friends and interested family.

01 February 2005

Wizard of Oz Review

Following somewhat the theme of a similar program last spring, the students of the upper grades at Saint Paul School presented their parents and family with an entertaining review of song highlights from the Wizard of Oz. Incorporated into the monthly Home and School meeting, the children began with a recorder recital of traditional and contemporary tunes. This was followed by a review of musical highlights from the Wizard of Oz — complete with choreographed dances. Finally, a chorus of sixth graders rounded out the hour with a few choral pieces from Sister Act.

All-in-all an entertaining end to the day.

update: 200404

The school web site has a small gallery of images available for view. For the time being, there also appears to be a video clip captured by one of the parents. (Both of these links were velaid at the time of writing, but may disappear at any time.)


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