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24 October 2006

NTS Recognition

The Garland Amateur Radio Club enjoys the somewhat unique honor of counting the ARRL Section Manager (SM) for North Texas among its members. Each month, he presents an update of ARRL and Section activities during the business portion of the monnthly meeting.

Last night, the SM presented Herman with two certificates of recognition. The first was an Origination Award recognizing his activity as a traffic handler and regular participant with the DFW Traffic Net, while the other was adjunct documentation of his recent appointment as Net Manager of the Early Traffic Net. Following conveyance of the awards, the SM called upon Herman to share some comments on what the NTS does and how the local nets play a role in the overall organization.

21 October 2006

NTS Appointment

As officially announced during the DFW Early Traffic Net, Herman has been appointed Net Manager of DFW Early. Unlike his previous application for ORS appointment, being designated Net Manager is an action bestowed at the behest of the Section Traffic Manager (STM). Being unable to continue his duties due to employment conflicts, the current Net Manager had recommended Herman for this appointment. Based upon his dedication to the National Traffic System in general and the local nets in particular, the STM welcomed the recommendation and approved the appointment.

13 October 2006

Sterling Star of the Week

Prior to the half-time performance during the football game last night, an announcement was made that Rebecca had been selected as "Sterling Star of the Week"! It has been just over two years to the day, since a similar award was conveyed upon her as a Starlette. That time she got a certificate; this time she received a plaque. Rebecca is quite excited at the honor and we are proud share in her glee.

The accolade did not carry over to the game, however. Naaman Forest lost the game, 27-0; continuing yet another under-performing season by the Rangers.


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